Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Status] Into the Fray!

Here I sit, afflicted with a malady I haven't had in almost 6 years - the miniature gaming bug. After writing Modern Ops, I was burnt out pretty bad. It was months of solid research, writing, and I am confident in saying I overdid it - I fully immersed myself in modern warfare stuff - I lost count of how many times I watched Black Hawk Down, I spent the time I wasn't writing rules and stats reading books like Thunder Run, and when I wasn't reading those, I was painting modern minis and terrain. It was a true labor of love, but in the end I simply went at it too hard. 

Fast forward 7 years, and I'm finally starting to google minis and get that longing feeling, seeing the amazing explosion of the 15mm sci-fi miniatures market and the beautiful figures that have come out while I've been in cryo-stasis, finally awaking in this brave new world of smaller, cheaper, and more convenient minis. I'm not 26 anymore. As my dad would say, I'm old and ugly enough now to see I that I have less time available to devote to my hobbies, and 15mm seems perfect for that - cheaper, take less time to paint, less space to store, and what's more that goes for terrain as well. If I'm honest, I look at 28mm miniatures now and cringe at the thought of painting up an army to the standard that I'd be happy with. I look at 15mm guys, and think... I could definitely do that. I want to do that!

I stumbled upon Spacejacker's 15mm blog and was inspired - reading his first blog entry and it sounded remarkably like my own situation, so I decided to start a blog of my own to chronicle my foray back into miniatures wargaming. 

I've already got my first order of ARC Recon troopers on the way as well as a special plan for providing them with some gunship support. 

My next blog entry will be in the next couple days, I'll be detailing the setting my minis and terrain will be based on - imagine 2 parts Avatar, 2 parts District 9, and 1 part Black Hawk Down, and that's about the size of it. 

I haven't decided on a ruleset yet - I just picked up Tomorrow's War, although I do love Stargrunt II, so I may default to that if I don't like TW. SGII has some holes in certain areas, but overall is probably my favorite sci-fi game out there. I'm also considering checking out Gruntz, although reading reviews has given me the impression that TW is more my speed. Anyway, this should be fun. :)

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