Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Workbench] Plugging Away

What's On the Table

So the other day my ACP Nationalist Infantry minis arrived, and sadly the weekend was a bit busy so I wasn't able to get anything done. Tonight I sat down and threw in the Shooter DVD and started working.

First I got a squad of my new Opfor de-flashed, trimmed the mold lines and mounted on some cardboard ready to paint. Overall the mold lines aren't bad, and I really like the thin bases they're mounted on - just be careful and use clippers to get them off of the sprue if you can, just twisting them off (not that I'd EVER be lazy enough to do that...) can result in warping the base slightly. 

I based eight of them, but cut a few off of the pic to show better detail. I'm excited to paint these guys up!

Next I went about basing my previously painted Ranger squad, since my Armskeeper bases arrived. Some glue and a dip in the old bag of sand (headphones for that link if you're at work), followed by a quick coat of watered down Citadel Scorched Brown once it dried. Sadly I think it was a little too watered down, and some of it leaked onto the sides of the base, and I'm a big fan of keeping the sides black, so I'll have to go back and touch those up. I just feel like it makes the minis look a bit more sharp overall. Still, once that was dry I gave it a quick Vallejo Deck Tan once-over, some static grass and viola! Not too bad, although I'm wondering if the combo of Scorched Brown and Deck Tan isn't too dissimilar. I might give it a brown wash or something. 

They're getting there. :) Overall I'm happy with my first 15mm minis hehe
While the initial coat of brown was drying on the bases, I decided to get to work on some terrain - as I had a package arrive for me at work today, and it was none other than my Proxie Models order. I've actually got a decent amount of materials for terrain on-hand, so I really have no excuse for not having gotten more terrain done by now, and with that in mind I jumped into it. I assembled one building as a single-story garage with a roughly cut plasticard roof - this wasn't done with much precision at all, but since I'm going for hastily constructed colony buildings and surrounding shanties, it fits. I added a couple of plasticard driveways to the garage doors for the loading docks, cut one up a bit to look nice and cracked, then added a little corrugated fence (I picked up a couple of 1/100 corrugated plastic sheets off of ebay) to one side since I want to give these pieces a bit of a run down, lived-in feel. 

Proxie Models to the rescue!
After giving those some time to dry while I finished off basing my Rangers, I went over the rest of the base with some good old Elmer's glue, then gave it a quick dip in the sand. 

I decided to do a quick rocky outcropping section as well, which was far more simple - just a section of rocky terrain I'd picked up in a pack years ago (I found it in the garage a few weeks ago still in the packaging! lucky me haha) stuck to the base with Elmer's, then dunked in the sand. I'm currently letting those set overnight before pulling them out for painting. 

Elmer's is cheap and works great - but you need to let it set for 24 hours for best effect.
So that about wraps it up for tonight! Tomorrow I'll get these terrain pieces basecoated along with my Opfor, then decide which ones to start painting. Oh, and I think I've come up with a pretty cool lore background deal for them as well. 


  1. Nice to See your keeping at it. looking forward to playing a game soon.

  2. Yeah, that's gonna be sweet! I figure we'll start with some real small skirmishes to get the basics down and then just add units as we gain familiarity. Ideally I'd have a decent amount of terrain ready to use soon... hmm...