Monday, April 16, 2012

[Workbench] US Army Ranger Test Paint (15mm ARC Recon)

So with the help of the guys over at The Miniatures Page, I've gotten my first ranger squad going. These are my first 15mm troops ever, and at first going was a little discouraging, but with some liberal use of dry brushing for quick highlights and washes for shading (I never used a lot of washes in the past, but here they're really a godsend), I think they're looking much more presentable. 

Still, it may take some getting used to stronger highlights than I've used in the past (I think my new rule will be "Is that brighter than I think it should be? Good, use it!"), but it seems to work well with the size of the minis to make the details pop, as well as overcoming some of the darkening caused by the wash. 

You'll have to excuse the poor lighting and one-handed camera-phone photography until I get a better setup going, but I wanted to get a shot of the new troops up here! :)

I goofed and had my 20mm bases sent to the wrong shipping addy, so it'll be a few days still before I get these guys all based up, but I'm excited to get this platoon up and going before my Art Crime Nationalist opfor arrive!

Please feel free to throw out suggestions, comments, critiques, threats, etc below haha, I can tell I have a lot to learn about painting this scale!


  1. Nice paint job. Keep up the blogging.

  2. Thanks! My ACP guys arrived the other day and I'm about to get started on 'em, hopefully I'll have an update in the next couple days. :)