Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Workbench] Getting Underway!

Ok, so I've finally gotten my neglected minis toolbox back into working order and have a bunch of terrain pieces coming in the mail, as well as some odds and ends. A quick trip to home depot and $14 yielded the bases upon which I'll be making the terrain for Lachesis!

1/4" MDF cut to 6"x6" and 6"x12". FoW Russian for scale.

I really loved this modular terrain, so I decided I'll be doing my 15mm terrain in a similar style.
As soon as I get my hands on some elmers glue I'll begin on some simple badlands pieces, I've already got some really cool ideas for mining installations and so on, should be good.

In my immediate future I've got:

US Ranger Platoon (ARC Recon by Critical Mass)
Undecided human opfor Platoon (Art Crimes Nationalists)
Never-ending tides of 6" terrain tiles. :)

I also love how Spacejacker bases his minis on 20mm round plastic bases, so I've got a lot of them from ebay on the way. Hopefully within the next few days I'll get some test paints of my Rangers up here.

Also, I've succeeded in getting my brother and friend Bret interested enough to entertain the idea of fielding armies. My brother is thinking possibly Crusties, and if I know Bret, we'll be seeing Russian colonial troops here pretty soon!

P.S. - My wallet hates me. My inner gamer-geek loves me.

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